2.2 million people visited Macau in May

2.2 million people visited Macau in May

According to the Macau Statistics and Census Service, 2,213,807 people visited China’s only gambling zone in May 2023. This is 270% more than in the same month a year earlier.

Compared to April 2023, the number of visitors decreased by 2.6%. However, May was the fifth month in which the number of tourists exceeded 1 million since the pandemic forced Macau to close its borders in 2020. Now there has been an increase in arrivals due to the easing of entry restrictions and the resumption of air and land connections.

The largest number of tourists traditionally come from mainland China. In May the figure increased by 174% (1,474,304 people). Of these, 840,797 guests traveled individually, a 377% increase over May 2022. The number of visitors from the nine Pearl River Delta cities in the greater Bay Area increased 77.2% to 715,941. Of these, 27.1% (193,944) came from Zhuhai and 21% (150,260) from Guangzhou. Visitors from Hong Kong (601,991) and Taiwan (31,537) increased by 962.3% and 473.7% respectively.

The growth of foreign tourists came to a halt. Excluding Taiwan and Hong Kong, Macau received over 105,975 overseas visitors in May, down 1.9% from April.

According to statistics from Macau’s immigration office, the Philippines remains the main international source of tourist traffic. China’s gambling zone welcomed 21,660 people from the Philippines in May. 13,177 tourists came from Indonesia, 7,329 guests from Thailand and 6,891 from the United States. There was also a significant increase in the flow of visitors from South Korea – 61.3%. In April 2023, their total number was 8,095 people, and in May – 13,057 people.

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