77% of users in Sweden play on legal gambling sites

In Sweden, 77% of users play on legal gambling sites

The Swedish Online Entertainment Trade Association (BOS) has published a new report on the iGaming market. It looked at how many players opt for licensed gambling sites.

The report for the BOS was prepared by Skop. The total number of people surveyed was 9,850, of whom about 3,000 gambled online at least once a quarter.

77 percent of participants, or 2,439 people, knew that the site they chose had a Swedish gambling license. The total amount they spent was SEK 467,287 (3.66 million rubles). Another 11% of respondents (163 people) honestly admitted that they played on platforms that do not have a state license. They spent 64,223 Swedish krona (about 503 thousand rubles). The group of people who did not know whether the gambling site has a license, amounted to 12% (302 users). The amount spent was SEK 73,611 (over 576 thousand rubles).

Survey participants were asked whether they played on licensed sites, when they last bet, and how much money they spent. The survey showed that the highest percentage of people who chose legal platforms was in the sports betting sector – 84%. The online casino market dropped to 72%.

It is known that the government of Sweden has set a goal to reach 90%, like in neighboring Denmark. That is, according to its expectations, 9 out of 10 users of gambling sites should choose platforms with a Swedish license.

From July 1, 2023, according to the Swedish Gambling Act, companies wishing to operate in the country’s market must have a B2B license. This refers to all brands involved in manufacturing, supplying, installing or modifying gaming software used in online gambling.

Meanwhile, Bally’s is getting preliminary approval to open a temporary casino in Chicago.

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