A parrot breeder from Scotland has won over 400,000 in the People’s Postcode Lottery

Gerry Dragounis from East Kilbride, Scotland, won £407,032 (R47.58 million) in the People’s Postcode Lottery weekly draw. The 65-year-old man’s main occupation is breeding wavy parrots.

Jerry won a large part of the total jackpot of £1 million (116.9 million rubles) as his zip code G75 0DH won the draw. The remaining prize money was shared by residents of streets with a wider range of zip codes – G75 0.

Dragounis said that part of the winnings will be used to buy a new parrot for outcrossing. That’s the name given to a crossbreeding method that increases the genetic diversity of the offspring. The man has been breeding ornamental birds for a long time. He has already won twice at the Scottish Waved Parrot Society show. I used to breed wavy parrots, but family commitments got in the way. I got back into it about five years ago and at the moment I have about 120 birds, Jerry noted.

A man broke the news of his winnings to his wife Christina. Together they decided to spend part of the money to support their son, daughter and four grandchildren. It would be great to help the family. After all, loved ones come first. The main thing is that they are fine and healthy, Dragounis said.

People’s Postcode Lottery is a lottery in which ticket numbers are equivalent to zip codes. Drawings are held daily, but the million-dollar prize pool is only available on Saturdays. One third of the cost of each ticket goes to charity.

Gerry’s win brought £50,000 (5.84 million rubles) to local charity Achieve More Scotland. The payout from the Postcode Community Trust will go towards funding programs to improve the health of young people.

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