AGA survey shows that most U.S. gambling industry executives are optimistic

AGA poll shows most U.S. gambling industry executives optimistic

The American Gaming Association (AGA) and Fitch Ratings conducted a joint survey of 26 industry executives. The results showed that most managers are optimistic about current business conditions, but future expectations are fraught with uncertainty.

Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed indicated that they were satisfied with the current business climate in the gambling sector, while 35% described it as satisfactory. Only 20% of executives expect improvements in the future, while 64% believe the business environment will remain the same.

Bill Miller, president and CEO of AGA, said, The record growth of the gaming industry will continue into 2023, and that is clearly reflected in the attitudes of executives across the country. While projections of a slowing U.S. economy dampen expectations for gaming in the medium term, our industry is well positioned to overcome any potential headwinds.

The Gaming Industry Forecast takes into account executive sentiment, casino attendance statistics, gaming revenues and economic indicators when analyzing the current and upcoming state of the industry. Two indices are used, for current and future conditions. The first index, at 106.0, confirms that the gambling industry experienced a strong economic surge in the first quarter of 2023. Over those three months, however, the future conditions index dropped to 97.1, indicating a potential decline in economic activity over the next six months. One reason is the mild recession of the U.S. economy in the second half of the year, predicted by Oxford Economics.

Many operators expressed optimism about a number of gambling segments. Capital investment growth is expected by 21% of those surveyed and an increase in gaming devices in operation by 14%. Manufacturers of equipment are even more positive: none of them do not expect a decline in sales.

Credit availability and delays in supply chains are no longer among the sector’s top concerns. Nevertheless, 31% of respondents are concerned about geopolitical risks.

Of note: The Swedish regulator has issued B2B licenses to providers Blueprint Gaming and Wazdan.

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