Alabama lawmakers put forward a sweeping gambling bill authorizing lottery and casinos

A group of Alabama legislators have introduced a gambling bill. Under it, the state would authorize a state lottery and open 10 land-based casinos throughout the conservative Deep South.

Alabama is one of the few states without a state lottery after lawmakers rejected a proposal in 1999 to authorize one. Unlike neighboring Mississippi, it doesn’t want to open full casinos with table games and machines. Lawmakers estimate the new proposal could generate more than $800 million in annual revenue.

We think people deserve to have a say on this issue, said Republican Andy Whitt, who led a group of proponents of opening casinos and lotteries in the state.

The gambling bill is now backed by Republican Governor Kay Ivey. That said, the idea is among several controversial measures put forward early in the legislative session. One of the commiof the TEC has put forward a proposal that would make it a crime to return someone else’s absentee ballot. Republican supporters have said they want to impose this restriction before the presidential election in November.

The gambling bill was advanced Wednesday. Its supporters said it could come up for committee and House floor votes as early as next week, depending on the level of approval. The bill’s supporters among Republicans will need to attract votes from within their own ranks, as well as secureI don’t know what I’m talking about. There is a long-running legal battle in the region to shut down bingo machines. The Poarch Creek Tribe, which is not under state jurisdiction, has three locations with machines installed.

A proposed constitutional amendment would authorize a state lottery, seven new casinos and sports betting parlors. It also authorizes the governor to negotiate a compact with the Poarch Creek Tribe. As a result, they will be able to offer casino games at three existing establishments. They will also be allowed to open new locations in north Alabama that will attract customers from Tennessee and Georgia.

Lottery proceeds will go to educational programs such as scholarships for community and technical colleges. Tax revenue from casinos and sports betting would go into the general fund. Lawmakers would be able to decide how to allocate them appropriately.

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