Alabama will consider a bill to legalize casinos, lotteries and betting

Alabama lawmakers will meet Feb. 6 to discuss a comprehensive gambling bill. It would legalize many of the most common types of such entertainment and create the Alabama Gaming Commission, an entirely new regulatory body.

The state constitution currently prohibits gambling. However, there are 18 amendments that authorize some form of such entertainment in certain regions. These exceptions have long been a point of contention among officials, which serves as one of the arguments for creating they) for 12 months, and sports betting – 10 million dollars (more than 880 million rubles).

According to local news outlet 1819 News, the bill would repeal all 18 amendments to the state constitution. It would also increase efforts to combat illegal gambling, including increased fines.

Under the bill, Alabama would allow Class III establishments to offer slots and table games. However, the ability to operate these businesses would only be available in certain areas, including the lands of federally recognized Indian tribes.

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Of note: operator FDJ plans to acquire Kindred Group for 2.6 billion.






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