Casino legalization could bring Thailand an additional 449 billion in revenue

A special committee of the Thai House of Representatives predicts additional revenue of 448.8 billion baht (1.14 trillion rubles) if casino resorts are legalized. The move would also boost the country’s GDP by 1.16%. The data is contained in a report that will soon be presented to parliament.

According to the committee’s study, average tourist spending could rise by 52% to 65,050 baht (165,880 rubles) per trip once casinos become operational in the country. Thailand’s Prime Minister Srette Thavisinu is currently activelyulapun Amorniwat. He said on social network X that Thailand’s entertainment complexes will have more than just casinos. Five-star hotels, restaurants and other attractions are also envisioned. The aim is to create a comprehensive entertainment facility and promote tourism in a new way, thereby increasing the country’s revenue and solving the problem of illegal gambling, Julapun said.

Thailand has long attracted foreign visitors with its pristine beaches, monuments and national parks. However, the country’s authorities have set a goal to more than double the flow of tourists by 2027 – up to 80 million people






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