forum gives special statuses to the most active users

On the forum, the largest site in the runet about gambling sites, you can now get a unique status. It is awarded to clients who are regularly active and bring benefit to the community.

Statuses are displayed under forum members’ nicknames. Currently, six users have received the following titles: Forum Joker, Star Strategist, Master of Intuition, Guardian of Fortune, Creative Genius and Gambling Guru.

In particular, the Star Strategist was named a user under the nickname Dogmaster, who runs his own blog on the forum and demonstrates personal experience of playing oto certain events. For example, in October, users participated in a Halloween contest and competed for a cash prize.

In the forum you can ask questions about gambling and casinos, share your personal experience of running slots, discuss the latest news and debate on current topics. It is also possible to leave complaints about the operators. Representatives of the forum team always respond to messages and provide assistance in resolving disputes with online casinos.

Everyone can register on the forum and get a bonus. By the way, on the eve of the holidays, a special atmosphere is created here thanks to the






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