Finnish gambling operator Veikkaus to undergo major restructuring

Finnish gambling market monopoly operator Veikkaus announces a number of changes to its company structure. The reason is the transition of the local gambling industry to a multi-license system, scheduled for January 1, 2026.

Heli Lallukka, Veikkaus’ executive vice president for human resources, called the system changes significant investment and external expertise. This will enable the ability to respond to the ever-changing conditions and requirements in Finland’s future gaming environment with multiple licensees and fierce competition. Veikkaus is going to divide operations into three main sectors: slot machines, betting and online casinos, and international business.

It is reported that the transition to the new gambling system will result in the layoff of approximately 185-215 Veikkaus employees. Also about 110-150 employees will face changes in the terms and conditions of their labor contracts. However, this number is still less than previously predicted. Пm to the upcoming market conditions and changes in legislation.

Noteworthy: Gaming Laboratories Int. notes the importance of AI testing in the gambling industry.






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