From January to September 2023, the total amount of taxes from gaming in Macau reached 45.77 billion

Macau received 45.77 billion patacas (Rmb553.66 billion) in tax revenue from the gambling industry in the first nine months of this year. This was reported by the city’s Financial Services Bureau.

The named amount exceeded the total tax revenues for the same stretch of 2022 by 202.7%. However, restrictions related to the coronaviru pandemic were still in effect at that timeconcessions (agreements) between the government and Macau casino operators.

There is usually a delay between the time gross gaming revenue is recorded and the time tax is paid on that revenue. As a result, the tax collection figures for a particular calendar period and the Macau casino GGR cannot be directly compared.

According to the government’s budget plan, tax revenues from the gaming industry are expected to exceed 50.85 billion patacas (over Rmb615 billion) this year. The amount received in the first nine months of 2023 has already reached 90 percent of the expected figure

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