Gambling news digest December 10-16

Russia is in the top 15 largest gambling markets in the world, and the betting business expects a 20% increase in revenues by the end of 2022. The State Duma supported the bill on mining in its first reading, and the court upheld the decision to block The Tor Project in the country. Learn more about why the industry representatives are unflattering about the Bookmakers Forum, what will be discussed at the official press conference of the top management of gaming zones and which Russian cybersportsmen were included in the commission of the International Federation of CyberSports in Login Casino digest of December 10-16.

Financial platform Insider Monkey has published a ranking of the largest gambling markets in the world. The methodology of the top is based on the evaluation of the industry of different countries and their ranking according to the GGR indicator. To determine the GGR used data from the consulting agency H2 Gambling Capital. Russia is ranked 14th with a total GGR of $4.1 billion, while the leaders are the United States with a GGR of $119.5 billion, China with $70.8 billion and Japan with $50.5 billion. According to Fonbet director general Sergey Anokhin the number of clients of betting offices during the World Cup increased by 30-40%. About the growth of active bettors by 25% says also Dmitry Sergeev, the managing partner of Pari. Although the exact amount of revenue will be known only after December 18, when the championship in Qatar ends, bookmakers are already predicting a total increase in 2022 by 10-20%. However, next year will bring less bright prospects for the overall unfavorable political situation in the world and in the country.

The data of the study shared by Dmitry Sergeev, managing partner of Pari. A survey of the betting audience regarding the correct knowledge of the betting brands that sponsor RPL soccer clubs showed that the average level of accurate knowledge of the partner brands is about 7%, inaccurate – 29%. The highest level of recognition of the betting partner is provided by CSKA bookmaker Fonbet – 14% of bettors can accurately name the soccer club’s sponsor. Another 12% of bettors accurately know Zenit’s sponsor – Winline and 12% are aware of Lokomotiv’s sponsor – Fonbet. The best brand awareness rate of Pari boasts soccer club Pari Nizhny Novgorod – 11%.

According to the decision of Saratov regional court, the previous ruling about blocking the site of anonymizer and removing the browser from Google Play platform remains in force. The court agreed with the prosecutor, played by Roskomnadzor, that Tor is an illegal technology for distributing information. According to the lawyers of the accused, the court’s decision is based on the substitution of concepts, as the law on information does not prohibit any technology.

The State Duma Committee on Financial Market Affairs supported in the first reading the bill, reg.The country’s largest cryptocurrency miner. Now to recommend the bill for adoption it is necessary to wait for the withdrawal of the government. In the lower house of parliament, the document will be considered next week.

In early 2023 Russia will host the Bookmakers Forum. It is known that the event is organized by the company 7A-Events, and the event itself will be held at the five-star Hotel Continental in Moscow on February 7-8. The leaders and experts of the market will present at the Forum and the participants will be able to find new partners and investors and make business contacts in a formal and informal environment.

At the same time the representatives of the bookmaking industry reacted to the upcoming event rather ambiguously. So, Dmitry Sergeev in his blog called the event one of the most useless for the industry as a whole. The expert is surprised that the Bookmakers Forum to be held on the days of the global industry event gambling event ICE London. He also has questions to the organizing company which was created in October specifically for this event. Dmitry states that the program of the event does not voice important topics for the industry and there will be nothing to discuss during the event.

Association of Gambling Business of Russia collects in Sochi, the top management of all casinos in the country for the first joint press conference. The event will be attended by representatives of Siberian Coin, Primorye, Krasnaya Polyana and Amber. Representatives of the authorities will also be invited to discuss current issues in the tourism and entertainment industry. The meeting will take place on December 24 in the Sochi gambling zone. At the event the Association also plans to announce the developed strategy of responsible gaming, designed for the domestic gaming industry, as well as to share the results of work in 2022 and outline the vector of work for 2023.

A Russian was included in the IESF commission. Sergey Platov (Strog), who holds the Cup of Russia in the discipline Tekken 7, as a member of the commission will protect the rights and interests of eSportsmen, as well as participate in the regulation of the federation. Also, the expert will represent Russia in the international cybersports arena.

Application FIFA with VR-functions allows you to scan the playing field with a gadget during the game and thus get real-time statistics and information about players. It is likely that the idea will soon be implemented and other top European soccer leagues. In timeThe app will open a radically new perspective for bookmakers: players will be able to bet on a particular player by simply pointing their gadget at him, as well as betting on shots on goal, offsides and other elements of the game.

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