Gambling news digest December 3-9

Russian bookmakers managed to increase traffic by 6%, and the third round of the World Cup was the weakest for betting offices in terms of the turnover of accepted bets. The Ministry of Finance again postponed work on the introduction of a system of self-limitation of customers of betting offices, but together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade almost completed the development of the concept of placing casinos on cruise ships. How many millions of Russians are online casino players, why citizens are disappointed in gambling zones and how the Ministry of Internal Affairs is now tracking cryptocurrency holders – read the digest Login Casino December 3-9.

Analysis of Russian bookmakers’ traffic shows that in November 2022 the operators managed to increase the traffic to 63.29 million. This is by 6.36% more than in October of this year. Overall traffic increase can be attributed to 10 of the 15 analyzed bookmakers. The biggest increase is observed on the Sportbet betting site – by 422.3% and on the PARI betting site – by 31.9%. At the same time the biggest drawdown was at BetBoom – by 20.89% and Fonbet – by 8.3%. Betting companies Winline, Fonbet and Liga Stavok are among the three most visited betting sites.

Ministry of Finance again wants to extend the development of the bill and has already sent a corresponding request to the government. The bill provides for the development and implementation of a mechanism of self-limitation of players of betting offices and betting shops. Work on it has been underway since 2018. In the last public version, the Ministry of Finance proposed a rather long process of consideration of the application from the player, and also provided for the possibility of refusing the player to enter his name in the list of self-restricted persons. The new deadline for submission of the bill to the Russian government is May 2023 and to the State Duma is September 2023.

This was told by the PR director of PARI, Alexei Babichev. Nevertheless, the bookmaker remains in the black, not least because of the large number of zero draws with the undisputed favorites. The most profitable for bookmakers in the third round were the matches between Tunisia and Denmark, the United States and England, Saudi Arabia and Argentina. The most unprofitable games were the most predictable games of England and Iran, as well as France and Denmark, Argentina and Mexico. The biggest winners were winnings of Br2.39 million and Br2.24 million. In the first case, the bet reached Br1 million, while in the second – Br0.5 million.

147251. Previously, the legal entity of 1xStavka bookmaker was the company Bookmaker Pub. Based on the data in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the legal entity of the betting company has changed its name and is now called STAVKA RU. The registered capital of the company remained unchanged and amounts to 216.9 mln. rubles. The only founder of the bookmaker’s legal entity is a joint stock company Konstruktor located in Saratov with the registered capital of 10 thousand rubles.

According to Russian Traveler Awards 2022 the Sochi gaming zone has won in the corresponding special nomination and has become the best tourist-entertaining project of the year. The award was established by the publication Russian Traveler, which at the federal level determines the applicants and winners byThe winners will be determined by the official representatives of the different regions. The winners are also determined by readers of the magazine through online voting.

The President instructed the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to implement the initiative back in the spring of 2021. The implementation of the presidential order has already been prolonged three times due to disagreements between the agencies. Finally, the parties have worked out a common position and presented a list of requirements for casinos and ships:

casinos can be placed on liners that fly the flag of Russia;

casinos can only be placed on ships built no earlier than 2021;

ship must allow accommodation for at least 300 people and provide for cabins for passengers;

ship route must be strictly approved and provide for visits to foreign ports.

Only adult passengers may visit casinos on ships and only while the ship is outside territorial waters of Russia. Casinos will not be able to receive guests on anchorages. At the same time, only legal entities – residents of the current gaming zone of Russia will be able to organize a casino on board.

For the implementation of the concept it is necessary to amend the gaming legislation. The deadline for the elaboration of these changes – November 2023. Initially, it is planned to launch a pilot project, which will operate for three years.

By order of federal media company ResearchView analyzed research data of Russian casino market. As it turned out, every sixth adult is a potential client of gambling operators. 20 million citizens call themselves online casino players and:

51% of them are aged 25-44;

80% of players are men;

40% of players devote up to three hours daily to online casinos;

89% play from mobile gadgets.

The portrait of the average player is a working class person or middle manager. Women bet more often, but the average betting check of men is higher.

Survey participants also say that gambling zones have not met their expectations. The lack of infrastructure, difficulty of accessibility and the small number of guests are the reasons for their dissatisfaction.

Andrey Kurnosenko, the head of GUEB&PK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia told about it. Through a special analytical system, law enforcement agencies receive information about financial risks to the economy from all over the country. Now this system integratesThe tool has already yielded positive results and helped detect fraudulent transactions. According to Andrey Kurnosenko, the tool has already brought positive results and helped to detect unscrupulous owners of cryptocurrency wallets.

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