Gambling news digest December 31 – January 6

The Ministry of Finance plans to create a new Android-based OS, cryptocurrency in Russia could become a means of international payments, and more than $18 billion has been spent on information attacks on Russia, according to the Safer Internet League. Read the weekly news digest from Login Casino for when, in the opinion of the State Duma, Discord and Twitch should be blocked, what is happening in Belarusian cybersport, and who blames the Russian Federation for purchased matches.

It is planned to involve such companies as Rostelecom, Yandex, Sberbank and VK to develop a new mobile OS. This system will be more budget-friendly than Aurora, developed for the public sector by Rostelecom. The novelty will use publicly available open-source Android OS code.

The OS itself will also be bundled with Google Mobile Services – that is, a set of applications.

Such a possibility was announced by the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov. The thaw in digital currencies is caused by difficulties with the use of the dollar and the euro, due to which the calculations in them are no longer carried out.

However, such an indulgence may be made only for trade deals with countries friendly to Russia. For the time being, the decision has not been taken yet and is being discussed at the highest levels of government. However, if it is still approved, a special mechanism will be formed for cryptocurrency accounts.

This figure was voiced by Ekaterina Mizulina, director of the League for Safe Internet. According to her, this amount was required to fund the creation of fakes, the purchase of advertising traffic on them and promotion through foreign agents-bloggers from February 2022.

In addition, investments were also required to inflate search engine rankings and create informational publications designed to discredit the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The same approach should be applied to any other foreign services, according to Andrei Svintsov, Deputy Head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy. Moreover, these analogues should not only be created, but also be competitive.

Andrei Svintsov also notes that if the platforms grossly violate the laws of the Russian Federation and the situation becomes unacceptable, then the services should be blocked. However, the following system should be followed: regulation, warning, penalties and only after that – blocking.

This approach is somewhat at odds with the opinion of Ekaterina Mizulina, who previously suggested blocking all platforms that do not comply with the legal requirements of Russia.

The opinion was voiced in an interview by Director of cybersports organization Pavaga Gaming Alexander Molochnikov. He noted that Belarus lags far behind the leaders in the development of cybersports, as well as its geographical neighbors. The country can’t boast a large number of teams, strong media support or infrastructure.

At the same time, the expert notes a positive diThe fact that the industry has been developing over the past few years shows that there is still hope for improvement. At the same time, the issue at the moment is not the lack of funding, but the lack of personnel, good infrastructure and events. In addition to this, it is necessary to recognize the field of sport at the state level.

The footballer, who has been noted in the English Manchester United, Donetsk Shakhtar, Kiev Dynamo and the Russian national team, claims that during the home World Cup 2018 Russia bribed the opposing teams, which allowed it to reach the quarterfinals. The athlete especially insists on bribing the Spanish team.

Russian experts called the accusations nonsense and demanded proof.

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