Gambling news digest February 25 – March 3

the service reacted ambiguously to a request regarding the legality of the introduction of bookmakers’ names in the names of sports facilities, events and teams, the powers of the ERAI may be extended to the lottery business, and legal bookmakers are invited to join the fight against offshore operators. BK PARI added 100 million rubles to the authorized capital and BK 1xStavka is no longer a member of the unified information system. What crypto exchanges help Russians to withdraw money from the country, whether regions will be able to regulate mining independently and whether other states will support participation of Russian cybersportsmen in the World Cyber Sports Championship 2023 – read in Login Casino digest February 25 – March 3.

Federal Antimonopoly Service

Not long ago the Association for the Protection of the Rights of Participants in Gambling Entertainment submitted a request to the FAS, in which it expressed its doubts about the legality of the use of the names and logos of bookmakers in the names of stadiums, sports teams and competitions. Representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service commented on the inquiry. According to them, the issue is out of their competence. Moreover, the law On Advertising does not regulate the legality of the use of bookmakers’ naming in this context. Thus FAS has withdrawn from solving the raised issue. Whether the Association will continue to clarify the legitimacy of the situation and whether it will appeal against the decision of FAS is still unknown.

According to Igor Levitin, the assistant to the President of Russia, in the conditions of modern gambling market it is reasonable to transfer the control over lottery sphere to the Single Regulator. The official said this during a speech at the forum We are together. Sports. In this case, according to Levitin, sports industry will be able to get more funds due to the increase of target allocations at the expense of lottery business. The money lottery operators will transfer to EPAI as target contributions from ticket sales could become a significant non-budgetary support for the development of national sport.

At the forum We are together. Sports the general director of the United Regulator Alexei Grachev raised the topic of the fight against offshore bookmakers working illegally in the Russian gambling market. According to him, in 2022 the regulator has revealed more than 5 million sites of offshore gambling operators, after which the information was sent to the FAS and Roskomnadzor for the further blocking of resources. To improve the efficiency of such work Alexei Grachev suggested the Russian legal bookmakers to join the process of detecting illegal gambling sites and send the information to the ERAI. Representatives of the legal industry reacted positively to the proposal, in particular, the general director of Fonbet Sergey Anohin stated his willingness to work together with the ERAI in this regard.

According to the USRLE, the registered capital of PARI bookmaker increased by 100 mln. The changes in the constituent documents were registered on March 2, 2023. Now, according to the official documents the registered capital of the betting company is 1.005 billion rubles. According to the law, the minimum authorized capital of the licensed bookmaker in Russia is 100 million rubles. The composition of the company’s founders remained unchanged: 100% of shares l vi.

Kontora 1xStavka is no longer part of the information system of the Unified Regulator. This information appeared on the official Telegram channel of the ERAI. Forced exclusion was the result of a violation by the bookmaker’s office of the Standards and Rules, which regulate the work of organizers of gambling in the gambling market in Russia. It is important to note that without connection to the ERAI information system licensed bookmakers cannot operate legally.

To circumvent international sanctions, Russians massively use Tether crypto-token. KuCoin and Huobi exchanges still allow trading in cryptocurrencies using cards of subsanctioned Russian banks. Information about this was published by Bloomberg with reference to the research Inca Digital. The study also says that 11 out of 62 international crypto-trading platforms do not require Russians to go through the identity confirmation procedure when creating an account, and 38 out of 62 international crypto-trading platforms do not restrict Russian users from trading Tether.

Concerns about the lack of regulation of mining in the country are expressed by the Ministry of Energy of Russia. The ministry notes that the maximum mining load falls on the Irkutsk, Buryat and Trans-Baikal power systems. This threatens a shortage of energy companies owned by JSC Tripp

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