Gambling news digest January 28-February 3

In Russia they questioned the legality of the use of bookmakers’ naming in the names of sporting events and clubs, the office Astrabet is suing the Moscow tax authorities, and the new president of SRO BK received a share in the authorized capital of BK Leon. Meanwhile, Russian gambling zones are expecting an influx of tourists from China, the RFU established its own service for the collection and analysis of sports data, and banks are counting billions of dollars in losses from the upcoming introduction of the digital ruble. These and other industry news are in the January 28-February 3 Digest of Login Casino.

On January 8, China opened its borders to tourism, citizens of which used to bring a large share of revenue to Russian casinos. According to the executive director of Tigre de Cristal casino, located in Primorye, before the pandemic, the main audience of the establishment were guests from China. They accounted for about 30% of all foreign tourists, but at the same time brought 80% of the profits. According to him, the Chinese are the most active and enthusiastic players, and residents of Northern and Central China regularly visited Primorye until 2019. Experts are sure: the influx of guests from China will increase the profitability of not only Primorye, but also Siberian Coin and Amber.

The online recruitment platform HeadHunter has presented the top employers in Russia by the end of 2022. The list of finalists consists of 1,000 companies from 22 industries. The list includes three Russian bookmakers:

Winline – 38th place and 106.31 points;

Liga Stavok – 94th place and 102.82 points;

BetBoom – 117th place and 100.74 points.

Bookmaker BetBoom is presented in the Public Services category, while Liga Stavok and Vinline are presented in the IT and Internet section. It is noteworthy that the same three bookmakers were present in the ranking of the best employers for 2021.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service was approached by the Association for the Protection of the Rights of Gamblers. According to representatives of the association, when bookmakers use their symbols and names in the names of clubs, stadiums and competitions, they violate the law On Advertising and circumvent the established prohibitions. For example, the Russian Football Cup is now called Fonbet Russian Cup and Nizhny Novgorod Football Club is renamed PARI Nizhny Novgorod. As a result, bookmakers’ advertising is spreading uncontrollably at the expense of promoting competitions or clubs.

The appeal states that art. 27 of the law contains a list of ways and places to advertise bookmakers, and among them there are no names of sports facilities, clubs or competitions. Therefore, the Association requests the FAS to assess the current situation from the point of view of the law.

The Russian Football Union together with the ex-employees of the sports analytics service Instat established the new company RuStat, which will specialize in the collection, statistical processing and analytics of sports data. The RAF owns 10% of the charter capital and the remaining 90% is owned by three ex-employees of Instat.

According to RAF President Alexander Dyukov, the need The creation of the new service arose after the largest sports data provider in Russia, Instat, was acquired by the Americans, and the Russians lost access to it.

The legal entity of the bookmaker Astrabet – The company Sportradar filed a court claim against the Federal Tax Service Inspection No 27. Information about this appeared in the Arbitration Cases File. In the suit, the bookmaker asks to recognize the decisions and actions of tax officials as illegal. However, there is no deciphering of the situation and information as to what exactly the lawsuit concerns, has not yet been published. It is noteworthy that the Astrabet office suspended its work in August 2022 and for unknown reasons has not resumed its work yet.

Iryna Budyanskaya, who not so long ago headed the industry SRO Association of Bookmakers’ Offices, joined the founders of the company Kontora. In turn, Kontora is the sole founder of the bookmaker Leon. It is noteworthy that Iryna Budyanskaya’s share in the authorized capital of the company was only 1000 rubles. At the same time 100 million in the authorized capital of the company belongs to the Matchbet company, and another 99 thousand rubles – to Irina Miagkova, the general director of the Leon betting company.

Over the past year, the number of transactions of Russians with cryptocurrencies has increased significantly against the background of international sanctions and financial restrictions. This moment was not overlooked by scammers, who create fake sites for exchange transactions, change the price of the transaction during the transaction, transfer money to fake wallets, etc. Scammers improve their tricks, as a result, the number of victims of dishonest operations with crypto is growing at a tremendous rate. Detailed description of fraud schemes and their working principles can be found here.

Introduction of digital ruble in circulation will cause significant damage to banks in Russia. The new asset will take a considerable part of non-cash payments and as a result banks will lose about 50 billion rubles a year due to missed payments fees.

At the same time, the digital ruble will have a positive impact on the income of retail chains, which will be able to save about 80 billion rubles annually on acquiring, receiving funds instantly into their accounts.

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