Gambling news digest March 11-17

Bookmakers Fonbet and Pari have reported their revenues for 2022, litigation with 1xStavka is still ongoing, in Ukraine gambling companies and individuals associated with them are under sanctions for up to 50 years. Read Login Casino Digest March 11-17 to find out if Sportradar is still operating in Russia, why BC Pari forces players to come to Moscow and how illegal gambling business is fought in Kazakhstan.

The President of Ukraine signed a decision about sanctions against some Russian BCs and individuals. The list of companies subject to sanctions includes BK Pari, Matchbet, Sportbet, Betsiti, Olimp, Marathon, and others, as well as Sportloto, the operator of all-Russian state lotteries. Cyprus-based firm Parimatch was also on the list. The sanctions will last from 5 to 50 years.

In addition, 120 people with Russian, Polish, Armenian, British, Turkish, Cypriot and Dutch citizenship will be on the list of sanctioned persons for 50 years. The sanctions include freezing of the assets of these individuals in Ukraine, inability to participate in the privatization of state property, certain restrictions on trade transactions and movement of resources, suspension of economic and financial obligations, and withdrawal of state awards.

The sanctions are explained by the fact that, according to the head of state, these companies and individuals were working against Ukraine.

At the same time, the Ukrainian company Parimatch, which had an official license to operate in the country, does not agree with the sanctions imposed on it and disputes them, as well as claims that the SBU put pressure on the company. The company’s accounts are blocked with 250 million UAH belonging to players, the company said it is looking for ways to get them back to customers.

According to Fonkor LLC’s annual report for last year, the betting company Fonbet earned a net profit of 26 billion rubles, with revenues of 220.8 billion rubles.

In addition, payments to winning users amounted to Br166.9 billion.

Last year, the bookmaker office managed to get the revenue of 38.8 billion rubles. Gross profit amounted to Br5.9 billion, including net profit of Br2 billion. It spent 2.9 billion rubles on commercial expenses and 348.7 million rubles on management expenses.

The Company paid about 3 billion rubles to suppliers of services, works and materials and paid 343.1 million rubles to the employees.

According to the company’s representatives, this is an additional measure to combat dishonest players. Also, the CEO of the company said that in most cases the live verification confirms the fears of fake personalities, as many cannot answer basic questions about their betting and the sports on which the bets were made.

The company is in the business of analyzing sports data. About a year ago, it reported a pause in the inveThe Russian market has been affected by European and U.S. sanctions. However, Sportradar still leased offices in Russia at the end of 2022.

At one time, some foreign media speculated that the company was affiliated with the Russian betting company Liga Stavok.

A meeting is scheduled for 17 March, at which the bookmaker’s representatives will challenge the demands of the Mobile Card NPO to ban the operation of the BK in Russia. According to the legal representative of the company, 1xStavka has nothing to do with 1xbet, which is banned in Russia, and its organizers, who are wanted.

Two residents of Saryagash district, already convicted for similar illegal activities, organized 8 outlets with access to online casinos, one of which brought more than 1 million tenge of illegal income.

At the moment law enforcement officers are conducting a pre-trial investigation.

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