Gaming Industry News Digest April 1-7

In Kazakhstan since April begin to count bets, the president of SRO BK engaged in the liquidation of GGBet, and 1xStavka lost Baltika. Read about whether Belarus will stay at Euro-2024, why VTB Arena was fined for thousands of dollars and why Kyrgyzstan reduced taxes for gambling business – Login Casino Digest for April 1-7.

Starting from April 2, bets made by residents of Kazakhstan in bookmakers’ offices and betting shops will be taken into account. Information will be transmitted to the tax service and the financial monitoring body, reports

According to the innovations, bets on each participant of betting in betting shops and betting shops will be accepted through the cash desk and information about them will be sent to the betting accounting center.

Among other things bookmakers will:

keep an online record of all bets placed for each unique bettor, indicating payment options (cash or non-cash, including electronic money);

determine who should be paid winnings;

keep records of each bettor’s payout and winning amounts, indicating IIN, identity documents, dates of accrual and payment of winnings.

The purpose of recording information is to transmit it to the tax and financial monitoring authorities.

Irina Budyanskaya, president of SRO BK, will be in charge of liquidation of legal entity LLC which operated betting company GGBet that left Russian market in spring 2022. The official record about the start of liquidation was published in USRLE on April 4. The term of liquidation is set until April 5, 2024. Budyanskaya previously liquidated the gambling company Metelitsa Club.

It is worth noting that the main reason for the departure of GGBet from Russia, according to them, was the desire to concentrate on development in other regions. LLC lost its betting license in the Russian Federation in October 2022 on the basis of the order of the Federal Tax Service.

The cooperation was terminated by mutual agreement of the parties. 1xStavka had sponsored the Kaliningrad club since the start of the current season. At the same time FC Dynamo Moscow also terminated its partnership with 1xStavka and concluded a new partnership with the BetBoom betting company. At the moment Baltika is in first place after 25 rounds of the First League of the current season with 52 points, 6 points behind the runner-up Rubin.

The Moscow FAS reports that the VTB Arena stadium risks penalties for BC advertising which was broadcast on the outside of the media façade. The commercial video is in violation of Article 27 of the law ‘On Advertising’ as it was placed outside the sport facility. The owners of VTB Arena received three warrants demanding to stop distributing the infringing commercials. However, it was discovered that the organization continued to violate the lawThe court ruled in favor of the applicant, for which she received a fine of 300,000 rubles. In addition, for each violation VTB Arena may be fined up to 500 thousand rubles.

The Belarusian national team stays in the qualification for Euro 2024, while clubs can participate in European Cup qualification while playing under their flags, decided the executive committee of UEFA. Alexander Ceferin, UEFA president, said that the situation is being monitored, in response to the European Parliament’s proposal to exclude the Belarusian national team from Euro 2024 qualification.

The Belarusian national team won a place in Group I in the selection for Euro-2024 and has already played two matches where it suffered 0-5 defeat at the hands of Switzerland and 1-2 defeat at the hands of Romania. However, the team had to play the first match on a neutral field in Serbia.

The Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyzstan proposes to reduce tax rates for the gambling industry in order to attract investors in this area. So far, only one application has been submitted to open a casino. According to a law passed last year, gambling establishments have the right to open and operate legally. However, there is not much enthusiasm for this business among investors in Kyrgyzstan. Government representatives believe that the reason is high taxes, but some experts argue that this is not the case.

A draft resolution to reduce tax rates for casinos was presented for public discussion March 24. The head of the Ministry of Ecology Daniyar Amangeldiev noted that the initiative involves the creation of favorable conditions for investors. He also added that if the establishment will work successfully, the tax rates can be gradually increased.

According to the official, gambling is an additional opportunity for tourism development and it is necessary to use them. It is worth noting that for the citizens of the country itself the entrance to the casinos is prohibited. Since the law was passed, it is necessary to create conditions for investors, and during the negotiations with them, there was an opinion that the tax rates are too high. They would be satisfactory if all citizens could visit gambling establishments. Because of such restrictions, there was a proposal to increase taxes in stages. The Cabinet of Ministers will independently set these rates depending on current conditions.

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