Gaming industry news digest April 8-14

Primorye builds up attendance, Poolbet is demanded to pay its debts, in Volgograd a betting shop is placed right under a school, and cyber sport is gaining more and more popularity among bettors. Read about why Kazakhstan is demanding to ban lottery terminals, what the executive director of FC Chaika is accused of and how fans of betting can benefit from the new service from the TSUPIS in the digest Login Casino for April 8-14.

Data provided by the Primorsky Krai Development Corporation indicates that attendance at Primorye has increased in 2022. According to the information recorded by KRPC JSC, the total number of visitors for the year amounted to 463,407 people, which is 19.2% more than in the previous year. The average monthly attendance turned out to be around 38,617 people, and the highest value was recorded in October, when the gambling zone was visited by 44,454 people. However, in December the attendance dropped to 32,295 people: this is due to bad weather and the restriction of entertainment events organized by the operators.

About 13% of all visitors were foreign visitors, including 14,726 from China and 9,512 from South Korea.

For reference, two casinos, Tigre de Cristal and Shambhala, officially operate in the seaside gambling zone. The second institution opened in October 2020.

And Tigre de Cristal began operating in 2015 and has 70 gambling tables, more than three hundred slot machines, a hotel and two restaurants.

First SRO Bookmakers submitted a report for 2022 to the Russian Ministry of Justice containing information on its income and expenses, the number of employees and the activities of its governing bodies. The report indicated that the organization employs nine people, and its expenditures to support its activities amounted to 18,743,000 rubles, most of which was spent on salaries. The sources of income of the organization are membership fees and placement of money on bank deposits. However, the report does not contain information on the amount of income, which does not allow to make a conclusion about the profitability or unprofitability of the organization. Full financial statements will be available publicly in the future.

Another lender wants its loan back from Poolbet. According to the Federal Register of information on the activities of legal entities, former CEO Dmitry Kayshev plans to pursue through the Arbitration Court of the Stavropol Territory an application to declare bankrupt OOO Pyatigorsk Hippodrome, which owns a totalizator. At the end of the summer of 2022 the Pyatigorsk town court of Stavropol territory considered the claim of Dmitry Kaishev to Pyatigorsk Hippodrome Ltd. to recover from the company the debt on the loan agreement – 8 million rubles and interest of 328,8 thousand rubles for the use of borrowed funds. The lawsuit was satisfied.

Major BKs reported an increase in the number of bets on cybersports events in the first quarter of 2023 years by a quarter compared to last year. According to bookmakers, the main disciplines are Dota 2 and Counter-Strike, which attract 95% of all bets, and betting companies began to pay special attention to this segment because of the weak ability to develop in other areas. Besides, some companies already organize tournament events under their brands and form branded teams. As a result of the survey, it is noted that fans show patriotic interest by supporting teams from the CIS. Some companies from Europe did not want to cooperate with cybersports teams from Russia after the start of the NWO in Ukraine.

Of the companies surveyed, Fonbet reported an increase in the number of customers – by 16%, as well as an increase in users who bet on Dota 2 – +37%. BetBoom does not give specific figures on the number and amount of bets made, but company representatives said that cybersport is in the top 7 in popularity. 99% of all bets are placed live, and the outcome of the match remains the most popular moment for betting. Liga Betting talked about the increase by a quarter compared to last year and also specified that in the last two years, the increase in betting on teams in cybersports was 35%.

One of the buildings of Gymnasium No. 3 in the central district of Volgograd neighbors a bookmaker’s office, which claims to operate legally. According to the owner, who sells the premises for 15.6 million rubles, the office has all the necessary permits for operation on the premises. He also notes that there is parking near the building and it is located near the streetcar ring, the circus and other objects that attract many people. Despite the strange proximity, the parents of the gymnasium students do not object to having a betting office in their backyard. Previously, parents protested the presence of a sausage stand next to the building, which was removed as a result of their actions.

Oleg Bayan – executive director of the soccer club Chaika – is accused of bribing soccer referees in 11 cases, totaling 1.9 million rubles. Witnesses in the trial in Voronezh court include Roman Seleznev – assistant referee at one of the matches. Bayan’s case arose after the first criminal case in the Russian Federation about a contract between Chaika and Chernomorets. Bayan is accused of 11 crimes under paragraph 1 of Article 184 of the Criminal Code and one under paragraph 3 of Article 184 of the Criminal Code. The hearing in the case is scheduled for May 11; at the moment the interrogators areSeven of the more than 86 witnesses.

With the Wallet CUPIS mobile app, users can now create a virtual card, which makes it possible to shop offline and online, pay for various mobile and Internet service providers, transfer funds to bank cards and receive cash from ATMs if Mir Pay service is used. This feature is especially convenient for betting shop clients, since the virtual card account and the TSUPIS Wallet are the same, which eliminates the need to transfer winnings to a bank card.

Deputies of the Majilis of Kazakhstan proposed to tighten control over betting shops and begin to combat addiction. They are concerned that young people are becoming addicted to gambling and more and more people are taking loans for games. The deputies demanded a ban on accepting both online and offline bets from people who cannot make payments on loans taken for more than three months, as well as to punish through the courts the promotion of pyramid, online gambling and other types of gambling. They also call for a strict ban on installing Lotomatic-type lottery terminals in public places and supermarkets and distributing lottery tickets.

In 2022, there were more than 157,000 criminal offenses in Kazakhstan, a fifth of which were based on gambling problems. Over the past three years, more than 1 trillion tenge was spent by citizens of Kazakhstan on gambling, and every fifth case of suicide was committed by a person addicted to gambling.

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