Gaming News Digest – March 20-24

Many bookmakers in February decreased attendance, in Kazakhstan the organizers of illegal online casinos were arrested, the State Duma will introduce penalties for illegal cryptotransactions, and gambling zones told about the average salary of their employees. Read about all this in our digest for March 20-24.

According to the service SimilarWeb, the traffic of legal betting shops in February was 73.1 million customers. But the total traffic for this month decreased by 11.7%. The most popular bookmakers were Fonbet (22.3 million), Winline (12.6 million) and Pari (8.1 million). The traffic of some bookmakers has increased, for example, Tennisi (+6.7%), Baltbet (+5.9%) and Betsiti (+5.7%). 1xStavka has been hit hardest by the drop in traffic, with a 55.1% drop in the number of clients. Boris Davidenko, editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian Forbes, is certain of this. According to him, it looks like a bad tendency when a big business which has been existing for more than 30 years is closed down by a single decision without any explanations. Most of the companies on the sanctions list are of Russian origin or operate in Russia, so the presence of a Ukrainian company here looks strange. Davidenko believes that the bookmaker did not fall under the sanctions without the help of enemies or competitors. For example, 1xBet wanted to enter the Ukrainian market in 2022, Parimatch seems to have made efforts to prevent it. And now 1xBet has found an opportunity to hurt the operator.

The Ministry of Finance is preparing a bill that would introduce administrative fines for accepting crypto when paying for goods or services. In addition, there will also be fines for violating the procedure for the sale of crypto, which was obtained through mining. But the creation of crypto-exchanges will be punished by either a large fine or imprisonment. Incarceration also awaits those who will evade the obligation to report on cryptocurrency transactions. Thus it is proposed to regulate illegal operations with cryptocurrencies.

Gaming zones Krasnaya Polyana and Primorye disclosed data on the salaries of their employees. In 2023 it amounted to 73.5 thousand rubles per month. In Krasnaya Polyana an employee receives an average of 77 thousand rubles a month, while in Primorye – 70 thousand rubles. Pavel Perov, the general director of Krasnaya Polyana, noted that the zone works in special conditions from the personnel point of view as it needs people who are not trained at any educational institution.

In the resort town of Sarygash, police officers identified two area residents who, despite previous convictions for similar offenses, re-organized an illegal online casino. Within a month, one such casino brought in more than a million tenge, and a total of 8 facts of such illegal activities have been suppressed.

Ministry of Finance is working on the compensation procedure damage that gambling zone operators may have due to closures or downsizing. In addition, work is also being done to protect players who have banned themselves from participating in gambling. The mechanism to protect investors began to develop because of the situation after the closure of Azov-City, when investors have filed a lawsuit demanding compensation.

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