Genting casino in historic Southampton building seeks expansion rights

Genting Casino in the English city of Southampton is seeking permission to expand. The gambling establishment is located in the premises of the former Terminus Station, a building with the status of an architectural monument. The second and third floors of the building have been empty for the last thirteen years and fell into disrepair.

The casino administration proposed to turn the abandoned second floor into a new gaming area with a bar. On the third floor Genting wants to organize rooms for staff. The project also provides for the installation of an elevator to facilitate access to different levels of the building for people with disabilities.

In a statement Genting said: The floors have been unused for at least thirteen years and there is no commercial demand for the office space. The unoccupied portions of the property have fallen into disrepair. Commercially viable use is the best way to ensure the long-term care and preservation of the building. The company also noted that internal modifications and expansion of the casino area will ensure that the stimproved conditions for customers and staff.

The premises were built between 1839 and 1840 to plans drawn up by the architect Sir William Tait. It is the original building of Southampton Railway Station and includes a booking hall. Terminus Station is one of the earliest surviving examples of railroad architecture in England.

According to the Genting project, there will be a number of internal modifications and improvements. For realthe structure or exterior of the building.

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