Gross gaming revenue in the UK rose by 5%

Gross gaming income in the UK up 5%

The UK Gambling Commission released gambling entertainment market figures from January to March 2023. Compared to last year, gross gaming revenues increased by 5% – up to 1.3 billion pounds (almost 133 billion rubles).

According to the iGaming sector, sports live betting showed an increase of 13%. Gross slot revenue rose 2% to £551.7 million (RUB 56.4 billion). The total number of spins increased by 9%. The number of average monthly active accounts also shows a positive trend. The growth was 15%. At the same time, the number of rotations per session decreased by 7%.

The total number of gaming sessions for the first three months of the year – 137.86 million, last year there were 117.38 million. Their average duration was 17 minutes, one minute less than in 2022. However, the number of sessions longer than an hour rose by 10.45% to 8.79 million.

Gross revenue from other gaming operations, including casinos, decreased by 3.49% to 153.11 million pounds (15.65 billion rubles). Poker statistics indicate a decline of more than 7%, to £17.97 million (RUB 18.37 billion).

Revenues from slot machines were up 5% to £292 million (29.85 billion rubles). The average amount spent per session (£12.26 or approximately 1,250 rubles) and the average number of spins per session (131) also increased.

The total number of customer interactions during the quarter decreased 12% to 2.9 million compared to the same period a year earlier. Most of them are still automated. The number of direct interactions conducted by operators increased by 31%.

Notable: Construction has begun on the first Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Canada.

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