Hard Rock Casino in Illinois will employ 400 people by opening in 2024

Hard Rock Casino in Rockford is slated to open by the end of August 2024. The operator plans to employ 400 people by then.

The establishment will have a total staff of 750 employees, and 350 applicants have already been hired. Hard Rock has announced various summer hiring events as well as staff training seminars for early next year.

Casino President Geno Iafrate noted, It’s hard work. It’s never too early to start reaching out to the community and organizations that we believe will be invaluable in helping us fill positions with the right people. Activities like this to establishin April. Job seekers will learn about rank-and-file vacancies in May, and direct hiring activities are scheduled for the first two months of summer.

As for management positions, some of them will be filled by employees who are already working at the temporary Hard Rock Casino. Managers of the gambling establishment will earn up to $70,000 (6.4 million rubles) a year, while supervisors will earn at least $50,000 (4.6 million rubles).

The new casino will offer a wide range of






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