Hard Rock has revealed progress on the construction of a permanent hotel-casino in Bristol

Construction of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Bristol in Virginia is well underway. Casino president Ellie Evangelista said the facility will open in the second half of 2024, although an exact date has not yet been set. Until then, the city will continue to operate a temporary casino, available to the public since July 2022.

According to the president, the hotel building has already been erected and work is underway on the 300 rooms, which will be ready by the end of the year. The casino is scheduled to open by July 2024 and will feature 1,500 slot machines and 75 table games. There will also be restaurants (including Hard Rock Cafe) and Hard Rock Live entertainment center.

Evangelista noted that the cost of the project increased from $400 million to $550 million (from 36.55 billion to 50.26 billion rubles) due to the increased cost of construction and modernization of a number of amenities. Also, the permanent hotel-casino will require staff expansion. While it now consists of about 600 people, by the end of the year Hard Rock will increase the a team of up to 1,300 employees. Vice President for Human Resources Marina Alvidres said that the company is looking for interested people, and a series of events will be organized to attract them. Alvidres added that the casino offers quality work with the possibility of career growth.

Evangelista believes the temporary Hard Rock establishment has been a success. Since opening a year and a half ago, the casino has paid out jackpots worth more than $172 million (15.7 billion rubles). The state has received over 42 million dollars (3.8 billion rubles) in gambling taxes. Of that amount, $28 million dollars (2.56 billion rubles) came in 2023.

According to Evangelista, the casino is developing a tourist destination as planned, and the situation will only improve once the permanent facility opens. We have over 120,000 guests who have registered in our loyalty program here in Bristol, she said.

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