High rollers are on the rise at Macau casinos

Citi Research’s December 2023 survey results showed an increase in the number of high stakes players in Macau. Compared to the November figure, the number of whales increased by about 11%.

According to the survey, there were 20 high rollers whose stakes were HK$100,000 (Rmb1.16 million) or more playing at Macau casinos in December. In November this year, 18 whales were recorded.

Analysts George Choi and Ryan Cheung noted: Players seem to be much less concerned about the current state of the market than investors are(RUB 1.74 million and RUB 2.4 million, respectively). The analysts added that they recorded several players in Macau with a chip stack of more than one million Hong Kong dollars (11.6 million rubles).

According to the survey, in December, the average minimum bet in Macau was HK$2,064 (RUB23,899). Compared to the result for December of pre-code 2019, the increase reached 12%.

Surveys conducted by Citi Research since January 2023, when China’s travel restrictions were lifted, have shown an increase in the average rate in Macau’s premium-mass market. Compared to survey results for the same months in 2019, the increase reached 22-94%. In t






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