Hugh Jackman hands out raffle tickets to the Deadpool 3 movie crew

Hugh Jackman is known as one of the nicest people in show business. This weekend on the set of Deadpool 3, the actor confirmed that legend by handing out instant lottery tickets, also known as Scratch-Its, or scratch cards.

The good-natured movie actor handed out the cards in between takes on the set of the new Marvel movie, which is being filmed in the south of England. Hugh Jackman, 54, in full Wolverine costume, approached his colleagues and handed out gifts with a smile.

Hugh Jackman could be seen with a pack of National Lottery scratch cards, the winner of which will receive a winnings of £250,000 (29.5 million rubles).

The Hollywood star has previously revealed on social media that handing out coupons to colleagues is an important part of his pre-shoot ritual. In 2015, he posted a photo on social media with a scratch card in hand and captioned it, One of my favorite traditions is handing out lottery tickets to the cast and crew. Maybe this one is the lucky one!

Last week, Hugh Jackman was spotted filming his first scenes for his anticipated role in Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds. The Australian star reprises his role as Wolverine in the upcoming sequel after previously playing the role in 2017’s Logan.

Apparently, filming on the third Deadpool movie has been moved to the UK so Ryan can handle his commitments to Wrexham FC, a team cat

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