Indian cleaners win 1.2 million in lottery by pooling their money to buy a ticket

Last week 11 cleaners from India won $1.2 million (109.9 million rubles) in a lottery. In doing so, they purchased only one ticket, pooling their money together.

According to the Press Trust of India news agency, the 11 women earned so little before winning that some of them had to borrow money to buy a lottery coupon. Its value was 3 dollars (274 rubles). Two winners invested 15 cents (14 rubles) each, while the other nine invested 30 cents (27 rubles).

One of the women said: We have bought lottery tickets before by pooling money together. But this is the first time we managed to win a mega prize.

In their main jobs, the women remove non-biodegradable waste from homes in Parappanangadi, a town in the southern Indian state of Kerala. They typically earn about 3 dollars (274 rubles) a day and also make extra profit from selling the collected garbage. Their earnings do not allow them to support their families, causing them to have to take out loans to pay for their children’s education.

After taxes are paid, the winners will receive about 765,000 US dollars (70 million rubles), which will be divided between them. Two of them will get a tenth of a share of $76,500 (7 million rubles). The other nine women will split the remaining amount equally.

According to LivingCost, a typical family of four needs about $843 (77,000 rubles) a month to live in a house with a family of four.

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