Indiana casinos totaled nearly $193 million in revenue in December 2023

According to a report from the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC), the state’s casinos earned $192.79 million ($16.96 billion) in adjusted gross revenue (AGR) in December 2023. Compared to November’s figure, the growth amounted to 8.64%, and over the year, profits increased by 0.02%.

To date, online casinos have been banned in the state, but 12 land-based gambling establishments are operating. Of these, 11 facilities improved their financial performance in December. The leader in terms of AGR volume was Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana. At the same time, it was the only establishment that recorded a decrease in revenue compared to November 202 by increasing AGR by 9.22% and 5.68%, respectively.

As regards sports betting, the aggregate AGR of 12 Indiana bookmakers reached $50.64 million (RUB 4.45 billion) in December. Month-on-month growth amounted to 64.8% and year-on-year growth was 18.52%.

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