Is opening an online casino in Romania the first step to scaling the business?

Romania is a fully regulated gambling market with clear rules and licensing requirements. If you succeed in this market, then later you can safely enter other markets.

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The potential of the iGaming market in Romania is becoming more and more visible. Owners of online casinos and sportsbooks already operating here have established a solid base for scaling their business.

Let’s list a few reasons why Romania is the ideal place to launch online casinos and sportsbooks:

A license is a sign of quality. The Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJN) offers three types of licenses. The first class license allows B2C operators to offer their services in the country, while the second class license (held by Slotegrator) allows B2B providers to offer their products in the market. The third class license is legally granted to the National Romanian Lottery, which has a monopoly on all types of lotteries in Romania. All three licenses have earned a solid reputation in the eyes of players and software providers: players trust ONJN, and payment service providers are happy to work with brands licensed by ONJN.

Literate audience and financial prospects. Romania is one of the most active gambling markets in Eastern Europe, with a total GGR of about €900 million per year. This is due to the country’s population of almost 20 million people and 88% of the population has the Internet. Romania’s economy is 13th among the EU countries in terms of GDP. Gambling in the culture is considered a fun pastime. In addition, the Romanian audience is considered to be one of the most technologically literate in the world, so innovation and technological innovations are never ignored here.

Bonus policy as a separate type of marketing. Only because of it many players come to play at Romanian online casinos. Many online casinos have more than impressive promotions that can increase not only interest in the game, but also the level of the game itself in the eyes of the player. The most often used are all kinds of bonuses the user might need: welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, friend referral bonus, exclusive programs, etc. Bonus policy is an important element of any game and no game is without it.

Responsible game. In Romania, the government established a special fund, prThe law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the protection of gamblers from the risks of this type of entertainment. This is an important aspect of the gambling process, and in Romania it is treated very carefully.

Together, all of the above factors make Romania a great starting market for start-ups looking to launch their brand, or a scaling point for existing casinos looking to enter new markets. For newcomers, Romania is the very market where it is possible to create a solid base, on the basis of which you can later successfully expand your business.

Leading iGaming solutions provider and aggregator Slotegrator received a B2B license from the Romanian regulator ONJN in 2022, which allows the company to operate in the Romanian market and offer locally accredited Turnkey and White Label gaming platform solutions.

To learn more about the Romanian market, watch the new video from Slotegrator Academy experts for the latest news and details.

Since its founding in 2012, Slotegrator has organically joined the circle of leading iGaming aggregators and software developers for foreign online casinos and sportsbooks.

While developing its own line of online platforms, the developer also focuses on integration of gaming content and payment systems. Slotegrator’s offer includes slots, live dealer games, table games, virtual sports, sports betting lines.

In addition, the company offers consulting services and assistance in obtaining gambling licenses.

Slotegrator’s mission is to create and support single sustainable gambling environment.

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