Japanese government rejects Nagasaki’s proposal for a casino resort

The Japanese government has officially announced its decision not to approve the construction of a casino resort in Nagasaki Prefecture. The main reason was doubts about the financial capacity of private companies associated with the project.

A statement to this effect was made today by the Japan Tourism Agency, which reports to the country’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism. It was stated that the decision was made by a special committee that reviewed Nagasaki’s proposal to build an integrated resort with a casino. Certification of the project was deemed inappropriate, as the initiative does not meet the standards, uhe authorities doubt that the companies involved in the project have sufficient experience and skills in establishing and operating integrated resorts.

Nagasaki’s bid was submitted in April 2022, at the same time the city of Osaka put forward its proposal to build a casino resort. The latter was approved by the Japanese government. It is expected that the joint project of the American operator MGM and Japanese corporation ORIX will be implemented no earlier than the fall of 2030.

The Nagasaki prefecture’s proposal called for the allocation of 438.3 billion yen (281.6 billion rubles) for the construction of a potential k






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