Las Vegas casino resorts want to employ more than 10,000 people

The fall and winter of 2023 will mark the opening of several venues for the Las Vegas Valley. These include the Durango and Fontainebleau casino resorts, as well as the largest spherical building in the world, the MSG Sphere.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas has the most openings: the resort, which after many years will open in December, is looking for 6,500 employees. Another 3,000 jobs are available at MSG Sphere, with the official launch of the unique project scheduled for the end of September. As for Durango Casino & Resort, which will start welcoming visitors in November, 40% of employees have already been hired, but about 700 more are needed.

Local experts are impressed by the scale of employment campaigns in the Las Vegas gambling sector. For example, economist John Restrepo said that in 30 years in the business he has never seen such a large number of available vacancies. UNLV economics professor Stephen Miller agrees, he believes it gives workers more power. We know that in the last few months and even a couple years pThe labor market was extremely hot. Workers were given more power compared to management. So management has to think about higher wages and benefits, Miller said.

Despite the competition, Durango Vice President and General Manager Kristi Eigenrauch said their recruitment campaign has generated a lot of interest. We’ve had over 25,000 applicants apply to us so far. We have over 2,000 interviews scheduled. We have a lot of differentiators associated with working at Station Casinos. There are benefits for team members and their families, noted Eigenrauch.

Local economists predict that new developments in the Las Vegas Valley will lead to increased tourism and tax revenue. When these new projects open, they’re going to kind of coalesce with the entire economy. Within the first year or two, we’ll have a decent increase in gaming tax revenue as well as sales tax revenue. There will be some sort of increase in attendance, sweathe MSG Sphere in particular is a very unique project, said Restrepo.

Of note: Macau received 39 billion in gambling taxes between January and August 2023.






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