Las Vegas ranked 11th on list of cities with the worst hotel services in the U.S.

Las Vegas ranked 11th on list of cities with the worst hotel services in the U.S.

A recent study based on 7.8 million TripAdvisor reviews by Planetware found that Las Vegas is one of the worst cities in the country for hotel service. The sample included 9,000 hotels from 95 locations. The city of Sin City ranked 11th on the list of outsiders.

A total of 800,000 bad reviews were analyzed. These included anyone with one or two stars on TripAdvisor’s five-star rating scale.

Planetware explained that the negative reviews were mostly due to rude staff. However, that doesn’t mean the entire staff is like that, because a guest’s opinion of the hotel was formed based on one interaction. For example, employees at the front desk can have a big impact on how guests rate their hotel experience.

Today, there are 300,000 people working in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas. Given the study’s findings, they may have to step up their efforts to keep guests happy. However, given the peculiarities of the complaints, the situation can indeed be remedied.

Popular negative reviews include poor soundproofing due to thin walls, lack of toilet paper and bed bugs. Dissatisfaction with the level of service took only fifth place in the list of problems.

However, Las Vegas beat such U.S. regions as Florida, New York and Miami Beach. Also, after changing the parameters of the study, another ranking was made – 15 best cities with the worst hotels. In it, Las Vegas was better than Atlantic City. Yet 10% of all Las Vegas hotel reviews left on TripAdvisor were bad. Considering how much the city relies on tourism, the study gave the local hospitality sector some food for thought.

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