Macau casino operator Sands China to pay bonuses and raise employee salaries

Macau casino operator Sands China Ltd has announced a discretionary bonus equal to one month’s salary for a number of employees. It will be accrued on January 31 this year in recognition of staff contributions in 2023.

The bonus is for non-managerial staff who have been with the company for at least one year. For members of the management team, discretionary bonuses will be paid based on the company’s management incentive plan.

According to Sands China, employees who have been with the company for less than one year will receive pro-rata bonuses. These are people who were employed before October 1 last year and will continue to work for the operator at the time of payment.

The company also announced a salary increase for most team members on March 1, 2024. Of the 26,000 employees, 99% can expect an increase. In case the monthly salary is less than 13,000 patacas (R147,382) before taxThe increase will amount to 600 patacas (6,802 rubles), or 4.7-5.4%. For workers earning more than 13,000 patacas (147,382 rubles) per month, an increase of 2.5% is envisaged. In both cases, these are full-time employees.

Wilfred Wong Ying Wai, president of Sands China, commented on the employee bonuses. The resilience and collective spirit of our team members has not only helped us overcome the challenges of recent years, but has also led us through a period of rejuvenation. As tourism in Macau resumed after the pandemic, it was the collaborative efforts of our employees that smoothly brought the business back to full capacity, breathing life back into our spaces, said Wong.

Sands China became the second of the city’s six casino operators to publicly announce employee bonuses this year. Earlier, MGM China Holdings Ltd announced a discretionary bonus equal to one month’s salary. It will be paid to employees during the Chinese New Year period.

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