Macau casinos hired 2,500 new employees between July and September 2023

Employment statistics in Macau’s gambling industry continue to rise. During the third quarter – July through September 2023 – 2,500 new employees were hired. This was reported by the Macau Statistics and Census Service.

Including the new hires, the total number of people employed isand travel to Macau, the city’s casino industry has begun hiring new employees en masse. According to the statistics bureau, the number of people working in the gambling and entertainment industry in Macau increased by about 4,600 in six months.

Despite the overall increase in employment statistics, some casino operators plan to limit the hiring of new employees. This is reported by investment analysts covering the Macau gambling market. The management of gambling companies seek to keep the total number of staff below the pre-code level. The reason is that during the pandemic of opera

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