Marina Bay Sands recognized as the most expensive casino brand in the world

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Casino Resort has become the most expensive gaming brand according to a recently released Brand Finance ranking. The property, owned by US operator Las Vegas Sands, was ranked 368th – the same as in 2023.

Marina Bay Sands is one of two integrated casino resorts in Singapore. This brand was the only one in the ranking with a connection to the gambling industry.

Brand Finance’s top brand on the list was kThe most prominent companies are Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Samsung. Although Marina Bay Sands is far from even the top 100, the brand recognition is impressive, especially considering the facility is not located in Las Vegas. It’s one of the most profitable casino resorts in the world, which is driving awareness in the business community. The property’s hotel has played a particular role in its popularity, captured on social media more often than any other in the world.

Marina Bay Sands is an important destination for visitors to Singapore. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), last year the city ranked ninth in the world in terms of tourism spending.

According to Brand Finance rankings, Marina Bay Sands was found to be more expensive than many widely recognized brands. These include Domino’s Pizza, Pfizer, Burger King and Tide.






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