Nagasaki authorities may reapply to open a casino if the Japanese government provides more clarity

Nagasaki Prefecture sent a questionnaire to the Japan Tourism Agency to obtain more information on the reasons for refusing to open an integrated casino resort. The project was rejected by Japanese authorities in December 2023.

The decision to request additional information was made at a general meeting of Nagasaki Prefectural Assembly members this week. Most figures were in favor of continuing efforts to promote the Sasebo casino project, including resubmitting the application for consideration by the national government. However, the prefecture’s next steps will depend on the Tourism Agency’s responses to additional questions.

A fresh statement from Nagasaki said: a questionnaire was sent to the Japan Tourism Agency to inquire about the study and evaluation of the integrated resort project. It is also noted that the initiative requires a lot of effort, money and time, so the prefectural governor should be cautious in making his decisionя.

When the Tourism Agency rejected the Nagasaki project, there was a press conference at which government officials mentioned the possibility of reapplying. However, no specific deadlines were given, as only an order from Japan’s cabinet determines them.

If the prefecture does decide to continue trying to promote the project, the latter may undergo a number of changes. These include creating a new resort development plan, selecting a different developer and revising the concept.

In a recent statement, Nagasaki said the prefecture will continue to try to move forward with the project.and bets.






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