Netherlands unveils new player protection measures for gambling industry

Dutch Minister of Legal Protection Frank Verwind has unveiled a number of new measures for the gambling industry. They include changes to deposit limits and operators’ interaction with users, as well as aimed at protecting players. The innovations are awaiting a consultation period that will start in February and last until the end of 2024.

The planned deposit limits will range from €150 to €350 (RUB 15,107 and RUB 35,251 respectively) depending on the age of the player. If a user wants to deposit a larger amount, the operator will be obliged to contact them and provide information about risks and the self-exclusion register. The government has also said it wants players to be able to set deposit limits in a neutral environment – without pre-filled options and information influencing the user’s choices.

Another innovation would require gambling companies to inform players when a lower stake is available, than the default setting. It is also proposed to introduce regular notifications about limits throughout the game session.

Verwind, who is responsible for overseeing the gambling industry in the Netherlands, said that the current situation forced him to intervene before a formal review of the industry next year. In his letter to parliament, Verwind said the current law is based on principles with a high level of abstraction. In his opinion, gambling companies have too much discretion and do not take adequate responsibility towards users.

I believe it is necessary to better protect players… At the same time it is important that people who want to gamble online can do so in a licensed environment, Verwind said.

The Minister added that players should be able to responsibly determine their own limits. However, right now they are not sufficiently informed about the importance of setting limits.

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