Sales of lottery operator Camelot rose by almost 100 million pounds for the year

Sales of lottery operator Camelot rose by almost £100 million in a year

Camelot UK, Britain’s national lottery operator, reported an increase in sales of 99.6 million pounds sterling (nearly 9.9 billion rubles) for the year. As of March 31, the total was 8.19 billion pounds (nearly 813.5 billion rubles).

Camelot said that, thanks to increased sales, 1.8 billion pounds (178.79 billion rubles) were allocated to good causes. This is an increase of 6.2 million pounds (615.8 million rubles) year on year. The National Lottery awarded players £4.69 billion (£465.85 billion) in prizes, making 382 people millionaires. Of those, five were EuroMillions jackpot winners in Britain.

Camelot co-directors Claire Swindell and Neil Brocklehurst said: We are delighted that year-on-year National Lottery sales have risen to the second highest ever figure, making almost 400 lucky winners millionaires in the process. With £36 million raised every week for charitable projects in the UK and ticket revenues rising to their highest level ever, it’s clear that the National Lottery is benefiting players and society in very difficult times.

Camelot UK was acquired by Czech operator Allwyn in early 2023. The companies now continue to operate separately, but the British operator is expected to transfer its lottery license to Allwyn.

Robert Chvatal, Allwyn’s CEO, said: Last year’s results demonstrate the National Lottery’s core strengths in consistently doing good works, even when consumer spending is under pressure. We were pleased to integrate Camelot into the Allwyn group earlier this year, bringing their expertise and know-how to Allwyn UK’s Fourth License concept.

Meanwhile, Dynamic Gaming Solutions is opening a new office in Albuquerque.

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