San Francisco airport employee wins 20 million during lunch break

San Francisco International Airport employee Durwin Hickman bought a lottery ticket during his lunch break and became 20 million dollars (1.8 billion rubles) richer. The For Life! scratch card cost only $30 (2,709 rubles).

A detailed description of the unusual event was published in the press release of the California Lottery. It is noted that during a lunch break Hickman went to a store in the San Francisco Bay Area and bought a lottery scratch ticket there. Carelessly erasing the protective layer from the penultimate cell, mHickman said this is not the first time he has won a prize in the lottery. Although it was not a multimillion-dollar check, the man had previously become the owner of $1,000 (90,310 rubles at the current exchange rate) thanks to a happy accident.

An airport employee also revealed plans for big prize money. Hickman admitted that his life’s goal was to buy a house for his beloved. Thus, one of the main beneficiaries of the winnings will be Durwin’s wife.

The lottery jackpot benefited not only Hickman, but also the store that sold the lucky ticket. L&M Liquor in Hayward, California, will receive a bonus of $100,000 (over 9 million rubles).

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