The Netherlands received almost a billion in gaming taxes after iGaming legalization

In the Netherlands, gambling tax revenues more than doubled to almost 1 billion euros (103.3 billion rubles). This was reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in a new report on public finances. The legalization of iGaming was one of the main factors behind the growth in revenue to the treasury.

Since the fall of 2021, Dutch residents have been allowed to play on licensed casino sites. According to the Gambling Entertainment Authority, the market has exploded. Last year, one in twenty of the country’s residents gambled on legal sites.

However, not only the online market but also the land-based casino sector has contributed to the increase in tax revenues. After the end of the coronavirus crisis, Holland Casino establishments were able to welcome guests unhindered. In total, the government earned 900 million euros (almost 93 billion rubles) from gambling taxes.

Holland Casino is a Dutch state-owned company with a legal monopoly on gambling in the country. The first casino opened in Zandvoort on October 1, 1976. There are a total of fourteen establishments operating throughout the Netherlands. Most of the profits go directly to the state treasury.

According to Statistics Netherlands, revenues from the sale of carbon dioxide emission allowances have also increased. Companies have to pay for each ton of CO2 according to the allowances. However, CBS emphasized: although revenues from the

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