The volume of services in the gambling industry in Kazakhstan has grown by 8.5 times

In Kazakhstan, the volume of gambling and sports betting services provided to customers in the period from January to September increased by 8.5 times in 2022 compared to the same period of 2021. Experts are concerned about the uncontrolled growth of gambling addiction in the country.

An impressive amount of 456.2 billion tenge has reached the sphere of services for organization of gambling and betting entertainment in Kazakhstan. The analysis took into account the period from January to September 2022. In comparison with the same period of 2021 the industry has scaled by 8.5 times. The inflow of 293.3 billion tenge was provided by private companies of Kazakhstan, another 162.9 billion tenge by companies under foreign ownership. The first participants of the market showed a 17-fold growth, the second – increased the volume of services 4.5 times compared with 2021.

Today in Kazakhstan the gambling sphere is second only to consulting services, programming, technical testing, engineering surveys and activities in the architectural sphere by the volume of services provided.

Recall that the parliamentarians of Kazakhstan are concerned about the excessive fascination of young people in the country with gambling entertainment and are looking for possible ways to combat addiction among the population.

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