Top 5 places to license online casinos in 2023

One of the first problems faced by new operators in the online gambling industry is the choice of jurisdiction to obtain a license. LicensingAid experts share a global ranking of countries where it is guaranteed to obtain a gaming license for online casinos.

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A gambling license is a prerequisite for new operators or existing brands entering new markets. Jurisdictions around the world offer licenses, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to issues such as fees, taxes and reputation.

Let’s go directly to the rankings:

1) Curacao. One of the most popular and liberal jurisdictions, which is known for its moderate gambling opening requirements and low taxation. The licensing system is expected to change in 2023 with a new independent regulator, the Curacao Gaming Authority, and independent B2C and B2B licenses. For now, the global community is waiting for further clarification from the regulators.

As far as licenses are concerned, the island of Curaçao has a basic license and a sub-license. Curaçao allows all available gambling to be organized under one license.

2) Malta. Malta was the first EU member state to fully recognize the legality of online gambling by approving the Remote Gaming Regulations in 2004. The license from the Malta Gambling Regulatory Commission (MGA) is highly valued by operators. It is also known as a guarantor of quality and legality, but it can be difficult to obtain. There are two licenses available in Malta – for both B2C and B2B activities. B2C licenses, in turn, are divided into four types, each of which allows the holder to organize different types of activities.

3) Isle of Man. The Isle of Man online casino license is a recognized mark of quality. It is quite in demand among operators. Although the Isle of Man is very attractive with its liberal legislation and competitive taxation policy, the licensing process here is not the easiest.

Four types of licenses can be obtained here, among which are those available to potential operators who have never worked in the gambling industry before. At any time, a license can be revoked by the Gambling Commission if any restriction is violated.

4) Gibraltar. The Gibraltar license has earned the trust of players and software providersof the state provision. The Licensing Department considers only companies with experience in the gambling industry, other licenses issued by recognized jurisdictions, good financial standing and a real business plan. There are special tax privileges and no VAT.

5) Kanawake. One of the in demand among operators due to the reliable regulator and no taxes. The Kanawake Gaming Commission has established itself as a body that stands for fair and responsible gaming. The jurisdiction has a 0% tax rate and no additional gambling tax and a relatively low license fee.

LicensingAid is a one-stop store for companies looking to enter the world of legal gambling. The company assists in preparing documentation and obtaining licenses, as well as providing financial and business advice. LicensingAid offers a wide range of services, including account opening, AML compliance, iGaming licensing, and trademark advice for gambling companies.

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We remind that since the 1st of July 2009 it is allowed to carry out gambling outside specially created gambling zones (in the Republic of Crimea, the Altay, the Krasnodar and Primorsky territories, the Kaliningrad region) only in bookmaker offices and totalizators. All other gambling establishments may be opened only in gambling zones (Federal Law No. 244-FZ of 29.12.2006).

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