Two visitors to the Grosvenor Cardiff casino have become 38,000 richer

Callum, a truck driver and regular visitor to the Grosvenor on Hemingway Road, won a total of £38,000 (R4.86 million). Callum, a truck driver and regular at Grosvenor on Hemingway Road, was the winner of a progressive jackpot of £16,000 (over R2 million). Luke, a sales manager at an insurance company, hit a jackpot of £22,000 (R2.8 million) playing the exclusive Going For Gold electronic roulette game.

Both winners have already decided how they will spend the prize money. Callum wants to put down a deposit on a dream home, while Luke plans to move from Wales to England and give his family a Disneyland vacation.

Commenting on the win, Callum said, I was in complete shock as I have always entered the progressive jackpot game but never dreamed of winning. It didn’t seem real until the money hit my account. The win happened at the right time as thanks to my unexpected luck I am now considering putting a deposit down on a house.

Luke also described his experiences, It still doesn’t seem real, I can’t believe it! My brother and I were perplexed, I was convinced it was a hoax. I’m over the moon right now, I’m definitely going to book a vacation abroad. I’m also thinking of moving to England and buying an apartment there.

Luke is a regular at Grosvenor Casino. However, he and his brother had not originally planned to be there on the day they won.

Mark Stothard, general manager of Grosvenor Casino Cardiff, said.

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