UK introduces new rules for socially responsible gambling advertising

The British Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) is introducing new rules and guidelines for the ‘Code for Socially Responsible Gambling Advertising’ (IGRG Code). The updated standards were adopted back in September 2023 and came into force this month.

The first version of the Code was presented in 2007 by the former Remote Gambling Association (RGA). It was designed to provide measures to increase social responsibility in gambling advertising. The new rules are presented in the seventh version of the document.

Updatedhe young audience is more likely than traditional advertising formats. In an effort to increase control over online advertising targeting, the Code has expanded the scope of the 25+ Rule to apply to all digital media platforms.

In its September update, the BGC noted the importance of closer cooperation from social media platforms and UK advertising companies. The new version of the IGRG Code also emphasizes the need to promote safer gambling tools. These include timeouts and deposit limits.

The main rules governing gambling advertising in the UK are the responsibility of the Committee of gambling information and improved ad targeting are in line with the recommendations set out in the White Paper. This document contains a set of rules governing the gambling market in the UK.

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