Virginia resident pulls down 1 million in lottery 3 years after winning 100,000

Gayla Gishar of Carrollton, Virginia won the lottery twice within three years. Having won $100,000 (9.2 million rubles) in 2021, the woman has now claimed the $1 million (92.1 million rubles) Virginia Millions grand prize.

Gayla purchased her lucky ticket at the Race Way gas station on Carrollton Boulevard. It was a scratch card worth $20 (1,842 rubles). The woman asked the owner of the gas station store to check the ticket, and it turned out to be a winning one.

Gishar told Virginia Lottery representatives about her emotions: I was just screaming! We’re all thereIn 2021, a woman won another New Year’s Eve raffle.

Gayla had two ways to claim the prize money to choose from. She could receive the entire sum in installments over 30 years or agree to an instant payment of 571,000 dollars (52.6 million rubles) in cash, tax-free. The woman favored the second option. The Race Way store received a bonus of $10,000 (921,350 rubles) for selling the winning ticket.

Virginia Millions is a scratch lottery with a limited number of prizes. With Gishar’s win, there is currently only one million-dollar jackpot remaining, as well as 7 prizes on the






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