Visitor to Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore wins 1.17 million

Last week, a visitor to Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore hit the jackpot on one of the slot machines. The exact amount of the winnings was S$1,175,425.82 (over 80 million rubles).

Another guest of the establishment, a 68-year-old man named Zhang, witnessed and directly participated in the event and shared the story with the media. Zhang, a member of the Sands Rewards Club, said he was in the Ruby Lounge deciding which games to bet on when he heard a scream behind him. According to the man, it turned out to be a woman standing in front of the gamesto the casino staff. Then Zhang himself guarded the machine while the guest looked for her husband to tell him about the winnings. The couple returned a few minutes later to receive instructions on how to claim the prize. Zhang was given 200 dollars (13,667 rubles) for his help.

The news of the big win provoked a lot of speculation online. Many users thought that the slot machine had malfunctioned or that it was a marketing stunt by the casino in the run-up to the China Games.






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