Who plays at your online casino? Profile your target audience with Slotegrator’s express questionnaire

Between 2018 and 2023, the number of online casinos available overseas increased by an average of 7% per year. Growing competition is forcing foreign online casino operators to strive to better understand their players. Slotegrator experts share an express questionnaire to help build a profile of their target audience in 2023.

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Online casinos abroad are becoming increasingly popular due to a growing number of foreign players who prefer the convenience and accessibility of various games online at a comfortable time and at any location. However, as the popularity of foreign online casinos has increased, so has the competition. As a result, understanding your players and their interests has become more important than ever.

There are five key questions to help figure this out:

What does a player do?

Player Activity Monitoring System is a tool that most online casinos in legal jurisdictions around the world use. For example, the system can be used to identify players who are active on the site, compared to those who have become infrequent to visit an online casino site abroad or have stopped altogether. This information is also useful in that it can help create promotions for specific players and offer them exactly what can interest them and bring them back to gaming again.

What interests a player?

Email marketing is a great tool for determining international player interest. Online casinos overseas can use email marketing to build a database of players, inviting them to sign up for online digests, promotions and other marketing materials. By collecting players’ email addresses, it becomes easier to create personalized promotional offers based on when and where they left their contact information.

Where is a player located?

Geographic location matters. Players’ taste in games varies greatly and often depends on where they are: for example, online casino players in Mexico love slots and bingo, while players in India look for their favorite live dealer games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. The most reliable source of location is social media, where players often list their current location on their profiles.

What tools can I use to create a player profile without a large budget?

Affiliate marketing is a way to get to know your players without huge promotion budgets. Foreign online casinos can partner with affiliates who promote their site to potential players for rThe day of the event. Through their resources, affiliates learn information about the target audience, which can also be useful for a foreign online casino. Thus, online casinos can attract new players without spending a lot of money on advertising, but using the advantages of affiliate marketing, including as a new platform for collecting data on the interests of the incoming audience.

What new technologies could be useful?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to analyze player behavior and identify patterns that can be used to predict their future behavior. This information can be used to target personalized offers and identify players who are at risk of developing problematic gaming behavior.

Big Data. By analyzing data from players, overseas online casinos can gain insight into what motivates them to play and what they are looking for in an online casino. This information can be used to tailor promotions and bonus policies to specific players, to offer convenient payment systems, etc.

Through a combination of these methods, online casinos abroad can gain valuable insights into player behavior and use this information to offer personalized promotions and bonuses. Adopting these new technologies helps online casinos stay ahead of the competition and provide players with a more personalized and engaging gaming experience, as well as increase player loyalty and ultimately their profits.

At Slotegrator Academy, you can find a detailed analytical article on how to study your target audience and build a portrait of online casino players abroad in 2023.

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